Letterbox Distribution

LBH Promotions are a locally owned and operated business who can deliver your marketing message to the letterbox.

We will also discuss your marketing strategies to ensure you Target Your Market.

To ensure your marketing material reaches the letterbox we have the following procedures in place.


We distribute each week all year around.  Material can be held over for distribution the following week if it looks like there will be heavy inclement weather (unless it has a deadline) to ensure the clients’ money isn’t "going down the drain". We will discuss the demographics of suburbs and tailor the distribution to suit your market.

Area Updates

Our walkers inform the supervisors of any new developments in their areas who in turn check and advise to ensure our distribution figures are current. Example: The Warnervale prescient on the Central Coast was initially a quantity of approximately 200 houses. This figure has increased to the current total of over 5500 and is expected to be 20,000 houses by 2030.

Franchise Store

We will provide each store with a spreadsheet with a mock targeting strategy for their national and in-house flyers. They then review and change to suit their current marketing strategies. Even though this is set up they can change this at any time. For instance: changing campaign to combat a rival’s offer or target a local event.

Area Checks

We have supervisors in each area that check flyers are delivered correctly and on time. The walkers are required to text through once they complete their distribution.  Random phone audits are also performed to ensure the consumers are receiving the marketing material we distribute.


If you have a query about your distribution, we ask that you put it in writing within 7 days of the distribution with addresses.  We then notify the supervisor straight away and further checks are carried out including a door knock of the area. We will then contact you with the details of those checks.  The reason for the 7 days’ requirement is due to the amount of marketing people are exposed to each day.  The chances of people remembering a flyer being delivered a week after are slim, so to provide you with the most relevant information the checks must be carried out in a timely fashion.

Take the time to discuss your letterbox distribution with one of our staff.

Areas Covered

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Our office is located on the Central Coast, with distribution centres located throughout Australia.


All rural areas are covered on the Central Coast.


We offer a personalised service, distributing your material directly into the business throughout the

Central Coast.

Booking Form Downloads

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Commonly Asked Questions

When is the best time to deliver?

This is a hard question with no clear cut answer, in our experience we have found that no one distribution time is better than another and that it really depends on what sort of business that you have and what you are advertising.


One thought to keep in mind though is what sort of other material you are wanting to distribute with. For example, if you are a lawn mowing business the best time of year is early spring, however you also do not want it to get lost in all the Father’s Day material so therefore look at distributing just after Father’s Day.



How do we book in a job?

Letterbox distribution is as easy as one, two, three:

1. Have a look at the area sheet/booking form for the areas you are interested in and decide which areas you would like to distribute to.

2. Fill in the boxes with all the relevant information and email it to contact@lbhpromotions.com.au.

3. We will contact you and arrange a time and date for us to come and pick up the flyers from you or arrange an appropriate time for you to drop them off and confirm all details with you.

*Please note that an invoice will be issued and that we do require payment prior to the distribution taking place.



Is every single house distributed to within the area chosen?

LBH follows the guidelines from the Distribution Standards Board and as such there is a code of practice which we need to follow. This code outlines a number of practices including the correct way in which to distribute material, which includes:


1. Not placing material in letterboxes where a sign requesting non delivery is displayed. This includes complying with verbal requests by residents, even if there no sign requesting non delivery displayed.

2. Not delivering material where there is no receptacle to receive such material or where receptacle is unsuitable for such material

3. Not delivering material where there is an obvious overflow of other such material

4. We cannot throw the promotional material onto a lawn etc or generally litter. At LBH we greatly value the safety of our walkers and supervisors and their health and well-being, as such if they feel unsafe and/or threatened (this can include either human or animal presents) in a certain area this area will go under investigation and may be edited out of their distribution area.

5. If you are concerned about whether or not there is an area within the suburbs that you have chosen to distribute to that may be left out, then please do not hesitate to discuss this with our office.



Can you deliver any size flyer / pamphlet?

Yes, we can, however, depending on the size and weight of the flyer / pamphlet this may affect the price, as a loading may need to be added if the flyer is heavy, large, an awkward shape etc.

If you are concerned about this and whether or not a loading will be added, then please do not hesitate to discuss this with our office.



When will my flyers be delivered?

In most cases we require the material to be ready for collection on the Wednesday of the week prior to the distribution.  Distribution may start on the Saturday and will be completed by the Thursday after.  If you are running on a deadline and there may be a delay with your flyers, please contact us to discuss if we can organise a later collection – we will try and accommodate your request if we can.



Where can I get my flyers designed and printed?

At LBH Promotions we also offer a competitive graphic design and print service.  We suggest you firstly work out what you would like on your flyer and the areas you would like to distribute to, to give you an idea on quantity required.  For more information click on our graphic design tab or printing tab.

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